Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last One

The last lamb was born today. A ram lamb. Out of a black yearling ewe. Like the one that lambed a week ago, I hadn't planned on keeping her. But when I did, I put her with the ram (Eddie).

The other late lamb is a week old now. It is doing well. Not sure if I will put these ewes and lambs with the other yearlings or keep them together with the ram, so he'll be content, and I have some animals to graze the front yard pasture. If so, I'll need to move the outdoor creep feeder into the front yard. The open ewe needs to go to market.

So, lambing is officially over!  It was a very good year. The rest of the lambs are doing well. It will soon be time to wean the lambs from the mature ewes. The yearlings were bred three weeks later so their lambs will be weaned a bit later. This weekend, the mature ewes' lambs get their second CDT shot and a dose of First Drench (with praziquantel for tapeworms). The yearlings' lambs will get their first CDT and a dose of Vecoxin (for coccidiosis).

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