Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A year ago

Yesterday marked a year since Greg and I went to get Cash in Ohio. It's hard to believe I've already had Cash for a year. He's already had such an impact on me and the household. I don't regret the money I spent on him at all. He is worth every penny. I love him so much. He has grown into a very handsome cat who's personality is just as extraordinary.

Cash has a following on Facebook. Friends urge me to post pictures of him. I've seldom seen a cat as beautiful as Cash. There's one in the Forest Cats Facebook group that rivals him. Bronson is a different color, but looks the same in the face. Maine Coon cats are very pretty, but Cash is among the prettiest of the ones I've seen. Of course, there's something special about the orange (red) ones, too. I'm not a bit biased.

While Cash usually does his own thing during the day, he always come to visit me in the mornings and evenings while I'm in bed. The purr machine goes on at full blast. He wants his loving. He's such a sweet boy.  I wish he and Oliver were better friends. They each do their own thing. Ty is usually insignificant to Cash.

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