Sunday, April 28, 2024

Thirteen months

Cash is 13 months old. I've had him for 10 months.  I got him when he was 12 weeks old. I had to go to Ohio to pick him up. I bought him from a breeder and judge of Maine Coon cats. I didn't meet the breeder, but I met her husband. Their house was full of cats. There were eight litter boxes in the living room, but no odor. They are cleaned out several times per day. There were many cat trees. I saw Cash's mother. There was a separate room for the kittens, but I wasn't allowed to see it.  

It was all business. I paid the remaining balance in cash, and Cash was mine to take. He cost $2000. I know it's a lot to pay for a cat, but that's what it costs to get a purebred kitten of any breed. Similar to dogs. I had always wanted a Maine Coon. I like big furry cats. I told the breeder that I wanted an orange  (red) one. She had two litters of kittens, with two male orange tabbies. Most orange tabbies are male. I sent her a deposit for one of the kittens. She sent me pictures every week or so of my kitten. I fell in love with the little guy from the first picture. Mom named him "Cash" since he cost so much money to buy. I also had to pay for him in cash.

Cash has been a wonderful addition to my pet family. He is sweet and lovable. He has gotten so big. I don't know how much he weighs, but it's a lot. He's an armful to hold.  He dwarfs Oliver. Ditto with Crissy (RIP). Supposedly, his sire was 30 lbs. Cash won't be full grown for a few years. I wonder how big he'll get. He doesn't seem to realize how big he is. He's very furry. 

March 27:  a few days old

March 31: a few days later

April 27: about a month old

May 10:  six weeks old

June 24: 12 weeks old and ready for his new home

June 27:  Oliver doesn't look impressed

July 1:  my "Zoom" buddy

July 14: goin' grow into the paws and ears

August 22: one of my favorite pictures

September 5:  "chillin"

October 9:  he's regal

October 22: in the clothes basket

November 25

December 20:  in the sunroom

January 17:  bed buddy

February 26: furry boy

March 24: an armful

April 11: over a year old 

In order to buy Cash, I had to agree to several stipulations. He had to be an inside cat. That was my intention. I couldn't have him declawed. I wouldn't. I had to have him neutered. I did. The breeder wanted me to buy pet insurance for the first year. I didn't. When I got Cash home, he didn't eat much and he kept vomiting. The other two cats went on hunger strikes. All three cats had vet visits. But eventually, everything worked out. The three cats didn't become best buddies, but they weren't enemies either. Cash gets along better with Ty than Oliver or Crissy did. 

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