Thursday, March 02, 2006

A better start

#461 a.k.a. "Pretty" gave birth to triplets while I was at work. Two ewes and a ram. They are fine. She is a good mother. They are up and nursing. I was a little bit worried about Pretty because last year she only produced milk from one side of her udder. Both sides seem to be working fine. Pretty continues the outstanding legacy of her mother (#24) and her grandmother (#92), one of my original ewes.

Three ewes are hovering like vultures. They'd steal Pretty's babies, if they could. One ewe is pawing the ground. Perhaps, she will deliver this afternoon. I'll check back soon.

These are Hurricane's first babies, so any doubts that he wasn't active have been put to rest. Last night's lamb belongs to Caesar. Bull's Eye still awaits the birth of his first offspring.

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