Sunday, April 02, 2017

First yearling

The first yearling lambed today. She had twins, ram and ewe. The ewe is 16% Lacaune, so the lambs are 8% Lacaune x 92%  Katahdin. They can be recorded as 75% Katahdin, which means their offspring can be registered, if they are bred to a registered Katahdin ram. All of the yearlings are bred to Hawkeye, the new ram from Iowa (CMG Katahdins). They all appear to be pregnant.

First yearling to lamb (1678)

It is a beautiful spring day. I let some of the twin moms out for a few hours.  The lambs are enjoying the freedom to run and play. Inside the barn, the lambs are resting with their moms.

Enjoying a beautiful spring day.

I set a creep pen up in the garage for the triplet lambs of the three 2-year-old ewes. They are still a bit young, but hopefully, they will start exploring the pen and getting their first taste of grain. Creep feeding is especially advantageous for triplet lambs, as they may not be getting as much milk as they need for maximum growth. Contrary to popular belief, grain develops the rumen quicker than a forage diet.

This triplet (quad born) lamb is just a few days old.

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