Friday, December 23, 2016

Observations Down Under

I traveled to Australia and New Zealand from November 25 - December 16, 2016. Here are some of my general observations:

  • Kangaroos aren't everywhere.
  • Hard to tell Kangaroos from Wallabees.
  • What Koala bears?
  • Feral cats and goats are pests, also rabbits and opossums.
  • Mediocre food.
  • Nice school buses.
  • With the exception of towns, speed limit is the same (100 kph), regardless of whether it's a flat, straight road or a hilly, curvy one. 
  • No four lanes in New Zealand
  • Difficult place to drive: I got stopped for going too slow (New Zealand) and I got a speeding ticket mailed to me (from Australia).
  • Barns are for milking, shearing, and handling, not for housing livestock.
  • Dense stocking rates.
  • In some places:  sheep on the left and right, ahead and behind.
  • Dirty butts.
  • Dewormers are used by the truckload.
  • Obsession with free-range poultry.
  • Chinese, Chinese, and more Chinese 
  • Cafe's not restaurants.
  • Stuff closes early, by 5 p.m.
  • Romneys and Merinos.
  • Merino + Possum (clothing).
  • Lamb in stores and on menus.
  • Farmers are the same everywhere.
  • Agriculture faces the same challenges everywhere.
  • Coke, not Pepsi. 
  • Perception of Green.
  • Interested in American politics:  who did you vote for?

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