Saturday, April 16, 2016

Carport barn

The new carport barn is ready for sheep. It was a four-phase project. The first phase required the removal of old structures (shed and fenced-in pen). The second phase was to level the building site. Three loads of gravel were used. The carport was installed on April 5. Today, the wood sides were installed, along with some eye  hooks to allow installation of gates to make smaller pens.

Ready for sheep!

Tomorrow, the yearlings and their lambs will be moved to the new building. Seven ewes have twelve lambs. One yearling has yet to lamb. A corner of the new building will be sectioned-off to provide a creep area for the lambs. I may put up some electric netting to provide a small pasture for the ewes and their lambs.

I plan to paint the outside of the wood sides, green to go along with the color of the carport.  I've decided to add another level of 2 x 4's (along the bottom of carport roof) in case I want to put tarps or curtains up to cover the open areas.. My dad's idea.

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