Thursday, March 15, 2012


It was an okay start to the 2012 lambing season. Two sets of triplets were born today. The first set of lambs are purebred Katahdin, sired by Marcus. The second set are crossbreds sired by the blackface ram (B-ears).

One of the lambs from the crossbred litter is small and weak and the ewe is rejecting it. Another pregnant ewe had claimed it, probably licked it off, which is why she doesn't seem to want it. I may eventually put her in a stanchion, but for now the little lamb needs help, so there's no reason to stress the ewe.

The above picture is of the Katahdin triplets. The third lamb is on the other side of the ewe. This is my woolly Katahdin ewe. I have to shear her, but her lambs always have nice hair coats that shed out.

A couple of other ewes, including the "thief," are looking like they want to lamb tonight. I wouldn't be surprised of one or both of them had triplets. One is a red ewe. I'm hoping for colored ewe lambs from her. I'd like to add a couple more colored ewes to the flock. I'm down to four: 3 red and 1 black. Actually, I'd prefer to add a black ewe.

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