Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baseball, Idol, and Lambs

A lamb was born on Saturday. A late-born yearling that I had bred late. She has a nice ewe lamb and is a good mom. There's one yearling left to lamb. I don't know if she's pregnant. She, too, was exposed late, and I didn't keep good records towards the end of the breeding season. I'm not sure when the last date is that she can lamb.

spring lambThe lambs are doing fine. I "weaned" the quads today. They are six weeks old. They're not really weaned since they can still nurse their mom. The lambs are starting to eat a lot more creep feed. Thanks to all the rain, the grass is plentiful.

My dad and I went to our first Hagerstown Suns game of the season. It was all-you-can-eat night. For $10, you could stuff yourself with nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, chicken nuggets, chips, and other "nutritious" fare. You had to pay for drinks.

The Suns got hammered 14-7. We left after the sixth inning. The game was already three hours long and I was cold. There weren't many fans in the stadium, especially at this point. We didn't recognize any players' names from last year, which is to be expected as these young men should have moved up to triple A ball, else given up on their dream to play in the big leagues.

We plan to go to more games this season. There's not much more relaxing than going to a minor league baseball game. When he was a teenager, my dad sold hot dogs at Forbes Field, where the Pittsburgh Pirates used to play. I've always loved baseball.

I've been watching American Idol this year. My favorites are long gone -- the handsome Aussie Michael Johns and country girl Kristy Lee Cook. Of the four remaining Idols -- David Cook, David Archuleta, Jason Castro, and Syesha Mercado -- I don't really have a preference, only that Jason Castro is long overdue for being eliminated.

Mr. Dreadlocks is charming, but lacks the talent of the other three and many who were eliminated before him. On tonight's show, Simon told Jason to "pack his bags." I think that rocker David Cook has been the best and most consistent performer all season and should probably be this year's American Idol. On the other hand, Syesha seems to be peaking now, while young David Archuleta seems to have the most fan support.

Max, the bunny catcher Everyone is enjoying spring. Max has been catching bunnies lately. He likes to carry them around in his mouth, let them go, and pursue them all over again. Several times, I've put him in the house to give the bunnies a chance to run away. Why can't Max kill rodents instead? Even birds would be better. Zak likes bunnies too, but his leash doesn't allow him to pursue them.

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