Saturday, July 07, 2007

Things nobody wants to admit

There are many things we know to be true, but are afraid to admit, let alone say. I'll "say" them for everybody else.
  1. Most Americans are impatient, spoiled, lazy, and wasteful.
  2. Profiling works.
  3. No food is good; no food is bad.
  4. The best diet is everything in moderation.
  5. All George Bush is trying to do is protect "our" oil.
  6. Celebrities are only liberal, because they can afford to be.
  7. Entertainers are more overpaid than athletes.
  8. Food is cheap.
  9. Gasoline is still cheap.
  10. Our houses are too big.
  11. Our cars are too big.
  12. We cut our grass too often and too short.
  13. We take too many showers.
  14. We eat out too much.
  15. Racism is still alive and well.
  16. It's not the lawyers who are ruining our country, it's the psychologists and psychiatrists.
  17. Every shister lawyer has a willing client and jury of our peers.
  18. Most gay people are born gay; it's not a lifestyle choice.
  19. Homosexuality is not normal (it's also not a reason for discrimination).
  20. The children raised by gay couples are not more likely to turn gay themselves.
  21. Presidents get too much of the blame and too much of the credit for what happens.
  22. The only purpose of a handgun is to kill people.
  23. Hunters don't need automatic weapons.
  24. Life begins at conception.
  25. Nobody calls it a fetus, when it is miscarried.
  26. Illegal immigrants do the work that most Americans are unwilling to do.
  27. Political correctness is stupid and demeaning.
  28. Religion is created by man, not God.
  29. Terrorists are not "freedom fighters" or insurgents.
  30. Organic food is not healthier to eat than food grown by conventional methods.
  31. Home schooling makes little sense.
  32. Having sex doesn't make you a parent.
  33. The best parent for a child is not necessarily the biological parent.
  34. With rights, come responsibilities.
  35. You are responsibile for your own actions: not your parents, not some disease or drug.
  36. Bill Clinton contributed to the moral decedence of this country.
  37. ADD is overdiagnosed.

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