Friday, March 02, 2007

Little voices

The 2007 lambing season is underway. Lambing season is like Christmas morning -- every day. When I go out to the hoop house, I am anticipating what is waiting for me. When I hear little voices, I know that new lambs have entered the world -- and they are doing okay.

So far, it's been a good start to the lambing season. During the past 24 hours, three ewes have given birth to twin lambs. Four ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs. All of the mothers are two-year olds. One of the older ewes (#01) has been trying to steal the lambs as they are born, which is confusing the young mothers a bit. But, they come around once the older ewe has been removed from the picture.

One of my black ewes (#536) lambed this morning -- a black lamb and a white lamb, two ewe lambs. She's not sure she wants the white lamb. Could this possibly be a racist sheep! I think she'll take the lamb, if I am patient with and give her a little time. Otherwise, she'll go into the hand stanchion. She will raise both lambs. That is not negotiable.

More ewes could go at any time. I know for a fact that #92, the matriarch of the flock, was bred the first or second day I put the rams in.

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