Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Birthday

My birthday was on Monday. It was a good one, several days of special treatment, gifts, and good food. I enjoyed a four-day weekend. I wanted to spend time with my sheep. I turned 45. Age doesn't bother me too much, not like a lot of people, who fret at each birthday.

I've got twenty something lambs now. Since my last post, there have been three sets of twins, two sets of triplets, and a single birth. The single birth was from a yearling, #612. She had a black ewe lamb, the first to be sired by one of the ram lambs, obviously the black one. The birth was the result of the ram jumping over a gate, since I had planned to breed the ewe lambs three weeks later than the mature ewes. It is a nice lamb, and she is a good mother. I don't mind when some of the yearlings have single births.

A set of black triplets On my birthday, #92, the "matriarch" of the flock presented me with a big set of twin ewe lambs. She is a fantastic ewe. They will be nice lambs. I will probably keep at least one. #92's granddaughter, #461, who I call "Pretty," had a nice set of split twins. Prior to that, #513, daughter of #92, also had twin ewe lambs, also nice lambs. One is tan in color. All three of these ewes are excellent mothers.

That evening, #309 gave birth to triplets. One was stillborn. It was a strange lambing. She had the first lamb around 4 p.m. The second two were born about five hours later. Perhaps, the second two were difficult for her to deliver. But, she and her two lambs -- a ewe and a ram --are doing fine. These were the first lambs to be sired by Bull's Eye. Her daughter, who I gave to my dad as a lamb, gave birth to triplets yesterday, but the smallest lamb didn't make it.

#513 licking her newborn lambs This evening, #305, had triplet ewe lambs. I'll be going out to check the sheep shortly. I am offering one lamb a bottle. Its mother doesn't always let it nurse enough.

It snowed today, about 6 inches. It's a light fluffy snow. So, I worked from home.

American Idol
I don't have a favorite on American Idol yet. I missed the boys singing last night because I had a class to teach. I like Phil, the bald-headed guy, whose wife just had a baby. I also like Sundance. I don't care for the young man -- I don't recall his name -- that the judges always rave about. I watched the women sing tonight. There are several that I like. I think that Lakisha is the best. I like her personality and story, though tonight she revealed that she is afraid of animals (odd). It will be interesting to see who gets voted off tomorrow night. It won't necessarily be the ones that should. It may be a singing contest, but it takes more than a good voice to win this thing.

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Michael said...

That is so cool. Would love to see the little ones. And wish you a belated happy birthday. Enjoy and have a great life.
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