Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A beautiful spring day

I stayed home today to do my taxes. What a task to undertake on such a beautiful spring day. It is bright and sunny, in the 70's. The lambs are out playing.

Last night, a yearling gave birth to a single ram lamb. He is spotted. So far, the three yearlings have all had single births. That's a first. I usually get several sets of twins from the first-timers. Of course, yearlings with single lambs are a lot easier to deal with, since they always have enough milk for one lamb, but not always two. I have one more yearling ewe left to lamb. Hopefully, she won't wait too long. It's no fun being in a pen by yourself.

I had a delivery of barley today. Soon, I will start going through a lot of feed. The lambs are just beginning to nibble at the creep feed, but since their rumens are still developing, their creep feed is a mixture of cracked corn and soybean meal. They pick out the soybean meal. They also love licking at the minerals.

Of course, their favorite activity is standing in the feeders or hurdling them. I've got a few bales of hay in the creep area, so that they can play king of the hill. It's fun to watch the littliest lambs take a flying leap off the bale.


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