Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Big Dog, Little Dog

My niece's dog, a year old Bichon Friese named "Tic Tac" is visiting the Baalands for a month. Tic Tac is a little dog, with little dog ways. Zak is teaching her how to be a big dog. He's got her chewing on hard bones and big Kong toys and playing tug-of-war. Unfortunately, she's too small to drink out of the toilet, although he's trying to teach her. After all, the cat can do it. Big dogs don't get weekly baths. Zak just had his first bath over the holidays. Zak wants Tic Tac to smell and act like a big dog when she goes home.

Zak and Tic TacZak and Tic TacMax is not happy about having two dogs in the house. But, he's the only one who gets to sleep on the bed and eat on the dining room table. And that seems to satisfy him -- for now.


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