Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Deadskins

If they can't even beat a 0-5 team at home, what do you think's goin' happen when they play a 5-0 team on the road? It probably wouldn't even help to knock Peyton Manning out of the game.

Perhaps, it's time to shake things up a bit and play Jason Campbell. The Redskins have got some powerful offensive weapons. It's time to air it out and let 'em play. The running game will only get better if opponents fear the long ball. Maybe, it's not the other way around. If they still lose, at least it'll be more fun to watch.

Mark Brunell is not a bad QB. He's certainly not the only reason why they're losing; it's a team effort. But, he's old in football years (though he's 8 years younger than me and I could have babysat him). Let him be the mentor now. Let Campbell light things up. Sure, he'll make some "rookie" mistakes, but he's big, strong, and mobile. There's gotta be a reason why Gibbs drafted him.

As for the defense, I don't know what the answer is. I don't suppose they're the worst defense in the NFL, but teams seem to run and pass at will. I didn't think they needed to re-learn the defense. That's the excuse the offense uses. Still can't figure out why they let Lavar Arrington go.

No matter what, I still think Joe Gibb's is a great coach. I'm stubborn that way. Perhaps, his better years are behind him. On the other hand, he took the team from 6-10 to 10-6 and a playoff victory in his first two years back.

I'm still a contented fan. I enjoy when the Redskins win, because I can watch them more. But, when they lose, I remind myself that it's only football. I can always root for my favorite AFC team, the Steelers, though they haven't done much better. But, big Ben's back, so winning ways hopefully have returned. I also enjoy it when the Ravens lose. After all, you can't live in Maryland and like both the Ravens and 'Skins. As a Redskin fan, I obviously like it when the Cowboys lose, but they appear to have a pretty good team this year.

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