Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fat and Red

Clover, the goat, finally had her babies. Triplets, this morning. Two does and a buck. Two red kids and a small white kid with traditional Boer markings. These will be my last baby goats. That I will miss. Here's a shot of the two red babies.

The fat ewe's lambs were big at birth. The male weighed 10 lbs. The ewe weighed 11.75 lbs. The male keeps getting out of the pen. Every night when I come home, I have to put him back in with his mom.

Peter was weaned a few days ago, at seven weeks of age. He's doing fine. I'm sure going to miss him when he goes to his new home.

Keeping with the fat and red theme today, here's a picture of George. He's not red, but he's fat. Now that the fat ewe has lambed, he has regained his title as fattest one in the flock. He can't help it. All he does is eat, and I can't get him to exercise. He doesn't even get to go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year. He's retired. Retired at 4, what a life!

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Sheepfeeder said...

I am wondering if YOU have trimmed FAT George's Hooves? His picture leads me to beleive they should be trimmed, if it has not been done. Jist wonderin :0)