Friday, March 09, 2007

Half way through

Half of my ewes have lambed. I have 38 lambs out of 18 ewes: 5 sets of triplets, 10 sets of twins, and 3 singles (2 out of lambs/yearlings that lambed early). Though I'm having a run of ram lambs, the ewe lambs still outnumber the ram lambs 20 to 18. I have six black lambs. Four of them are ewe lambs.

There haven't been any problems so far, knock on wood. I pulled a lamb out today that was coming backwards. The ewe looked wore out, so I thought I'd help her out. In fact, it was several minutes before she got up. She, #01, has two nice size ram lambs. Frecks, #517, had triplets today, all boys. One is on the small side.

Yesterday, #353 and #426 gave birth to three big ram lambs. I figured out that #426 owned two of them and #353 had the single. I am disappointed when a mature ewe only has one lamb (353 is 4 years old), but sometimes it happens. She'll go back to having multiples next year. It should grow out to be a nice ram lamb. Earlier in the day, Darby, my favorite (#309), had a split set of twins. The ram lamb has the biggest ears; he could probably fly! I'm going to have to get a picture of him.

There are still many good ewes left to lamb, including my best ewe, #24. Other good ewes still to go include #18, the red ewe, and her daughter, and #526, daughter of #24 and granddaughter of old #92. Freckles hasn't had her babies yet, nor has #423, another flock favorite. Old #11 hasn't gone yet either. Hopefully, the other two ewe lambs/yearlings won't lamb for several weeks, which was my intention. The black ram kept jumping the gates and impregnanted two of the ewe lambs early. It's probably why they had singles, which is fine with me.

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