Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Vote for me

The 2024 US Presidential Election offers no viable candidates. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. However, I want to exercise my right to vote, so I vote for me.  I have good ideas. Here they are:

Abolish the IRS

The first thing I would do as President of the United States would be to abolish the IRS. I would eliminate income tax. Instead, we would fund the government with a value-added tax on most goods and services. It's never made sense to me to tax income, something we want to create more of. The more money I make the more taxes I pay. Crazy. Where's the motivation? We should tax consumption instead. This encourages people to save more and be more responsible in the way they live. They'll think more about their purchases. 

Poor people would pay less tax because they buy less good and services. Rich people will pay more because they buy (a lot) more stuff. I would put luxury taxes on things like boats (over a certain size) and motor homes. Athletes and high-paid actors would have built-in clauses in their contracts for a certain percentage of their income to go towards an approved charity. 

If my value-added tax idea didn't fly, I'd pursue a flat tax instead. Every $1 taxed the same. No deductions. No loopholes. Rich people don't pay enough taxes because of low tax rates. They don't pay their fair share of taxes because of their deductions and other loopholes. We need to put tax lawyers out of business. No taxes when income is below a certain level. No taxes on food or medicine. Taxes on sugary drinks and snacks and salty foods (got to do a little social engineering). 

Welfare and education
Instead of paying people not to work, I would invest a lot more in child care, so (almost) everyone could work and pay taxes. I would provide funding so that children receive two meals at school:  breakfast and lunch. Dinner could be a consideration for after-school programs. Children are our future. They also get in the way of their parents being productive members of society. 

I would mandate school uniforms, same uniform as 4-H:  khaki pants, shorts, or skirts and a white shirt/blouse (could be a t-shirt, polo shirt, or button down -- must have "boy" sleeves). White loafers, no sneakers. Unisex. The uniforms would be American made and available for a subsidized cost at places like Walmart. 

I would develop a national "values education" curriculum that would teach children to respect all people and each other. There needs to be no discussion of race, religion, gender identify, or sexual orientation, if you're taught to respect everyone. At the same time, children need to be taught to show extra compassion to the elderly and people with disabilities or other disadvantages. They also need to be taught to respect personal property and the world around them. 

I would encourage two years of public service for all 18-year-olds. The public service could be the military or something like the youth conservation corps. Think of all the good work that could be done in our cities and rural areas. I could be talked into making public service mandatory, at least for a year.

Free community college is another thing I'd consider. As for student loan forgiveness, I don't believe anyone should be forgiven for the amount of principal they borrowed. Interest is another thing altogether. No one should be allowed to make so much  money from people trying to get an education. Loans should be low interest, tied to inflation. To get a student loan, students should have to put together a plan that includes their education and employment plan. It makes little sense to loan money to someone who has no clue as to their goals and is merely in school to avoid becoming an adult. 

Food stamps
I'm in favor of food stamps, but there should not be so much freedom in using them. There should be food stamp stores where you can buy items with food stamps. These stores would sell mostly "healthy" economically-priced food, mostly fresh meat and produce, but also canned and boxed goods. Mostly staples. Processed foods could be priced higher to encourage purchase of healthy food. Some more social engineering. Donations of food would be accepted and could help keep food costs down. You would not be able to buy sodas, sweets, or "luxury" items with food stamps. 

I would sign an executive order making abortion (termination of a pregnancy) legal through the first trimester. No state would be allowed to pass a law restricting abortion in the first trimester. After the first trimester, abortion would be allowed only if three doctors agreed that the fetus was impaired or not viable and/or the mother's life was in jeopardy because of the pregnancy. Rape and incest would not be exceptions. Those pregnancies would need to be ended in the first three months. 

I favor federal funding for legal first trimester abortion. Otherwise, legal and safe abortion would only be an option for women of sufficient means. Birth control would be free and provided by all health insurance (else there'd be consequences). Makes more sense to pay for birth control than Viagara!  While I morally oppose abortion, a bunch of old white men should not be allowed to prevent women from having an abortion, if they do it in a responsible way. The right to abortion should be a women's right, not a man's opinion.

I'd consider reparations for black Americans, but only in the form of college scholarships, job training, home buying, and small business loans. Under no circumstances would I approve financial compensation. I would leave affirmative action in place where it's proven to still be necessary. If colleges and universities aren't allowed to use race and ethnicity in the selection processes, then they should have to give up their legacy programs, too -- which I'm sure favor white students. There are benefits to a diverse student body.

There should be tariffs on goods made outside the US. Companies that keep jobs in the US should be rewarded. Creating manufacturing jobs would be a priority to me. Manufacturing is what built the American dream. These were jobs with health insurance and pensions. With the exception of certain industries, all businesses would be required to pay their employees minimum wages. This includes the service industry. Restaurants would be required to pay their servers minimum wage. Tipping is not equitable and should be abolished. There should be a national minimum wage. Increases should be tied to inflation (not going backwards, but from now forward).

Just my thoughts. Fun to think about my agenda and beliefs, if I were president.

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