Saturday, April 01, 2017

Two thirds of the Way Done

There are four mature ewes left to lamb. Two were bred 21 days later than the main group. The other two, especially one, are iffy as to whether they are pregnant. One has some udder development, but not enough to make me think she's going to lamb soon. She looks pregnant, but she's also a small ewe who could just be very fat. The other may have a little udder development, if I use my imagination. Maybe, they're carrying late lambs.

Nothing worse than open ewes. Of last year's eight yearlings, five have lambed. One had twins. Three have had triplets. The fifth had quads. The 4th lamb was born later, dead. The other two haven't lambed. All managed the same. Go figure.

One of the 2 year olds with triplet lambs.

So far, there are 55 lambs:  35 ewe lambs and 20 ram lambs.  The yearlings are due any day now.  There are seven. There is an eighth ewe with them. I put her in the group so they'd have a "house mother." It's hard to move ewe lambs/yearlings. They are so "dumb!" Having a 2 year old with them makes them easier to move.

First taste of creep feed.

Today, I set up the creep area.  There are three pens of ewes:  older twins, younger twins, and triplets. Each pen has access to the creep area via a 4-foot creep gate. The creep feed is 60 percent cracked corn and 40 percent soybean meal. In the back bay of the garage, I have three of the 2 year old ewes. Each is raising three lambs. I will set up a creep pen for them in another day or so.

Today was their first day outside.

Today was the first day any of the lambs were outside.  I have it set up so the twins and triplets can take turns going outside.  There are no full-time bottle babies, but I am supplementing a few lambs. Only one drinks a significant amount. It would be great to get through the lambing season without any orphans.

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