Saturday, April 09, 2016

New Building

The new building will soon be ready to be inhabited by sheep. The yearlings and their lambs will be moved in as soon as the building is complete.

The first three phases of the project are complete. The first phase was to remove an old shed and pen. Fence posts had to be pulled up from the ground. The next phase was to prepare the site for the building. The land was leveled and crushed stone was added to the site and pounded flat to make a level site.

Last Tuesday, three Mexicans from Carolina Carports arrived at 6:30 p.m. to install the carport.  It took them about three hours. They spent the second two hours mostly in the dark. They seemed to do a good job.

Next weekend, I have someone coming to add wood sides to the two long sides and the short side that is closed in.  One short side will remain open. There will be a three foot open area between the wood sides and the top of the carport. The roof of the carport extends down three feet on both long sides.

The carport is approximately 20 x 30 ft in size. Another 600 square feet for sheep or whatever else I might want to do with it. Right now, my intentions are to use it to lamb the yearlings and possibly a few 2-year olds that will be bred for April lambs. I don't plan to use it in the winter time. Eventually, I will have water and electricity brought to the building.

I purchased the carport from Alan's Factory Outlet in Virginia. After they got their deposit, most of my dealings were with their builder, Carolina Carports. Carolina Carports didn't demonstrate good customer service, but in the end, things seemed to have worked out okay.

Lambing Update
So far, four of the yearlings have lambed. Two are raising twins. Two are raising singles. One of the ewes that has a single lamb had also given birth to a deformed lamb that I had euthanized. Its left front leg was deformed. It wasn't going to be able to walk. It also had a severe parrot mouth. It's always hard to put a newborn down, especially when they have such a will to live, like this one did.

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