Saturday, April 14, 2012

More spring lambs

We are in need of rain, but the pastures are still green and the lambs enjoy their days out. 

This 3-year old black Katahdin is raising twin lambs.  I'm just not sure if these are her lambs. She and her 3/4 sister still seem to be sharing four lambs amongst them. These are the males.

I love the red ones. This is the darker red lamb from a set of twin rams.  Their dam is Scarlet. When Scarlet was a lamb, she had a light red color, actually more like a cream color. She turned white as she matured. She was supposed to be bred to the Lacuane ram, but these lambs look purebred Katahdin to me. Instead, she might have been bred by a ram lamb (that jumped the fence), with color in his background.

This quad-born ewe (Abby) is raising a set of crossbred lambs:  11/16 Katahdin x 5/16 Lacaune. At least, they are supposed to be. Unfortunately, the Lacuane ram (Spooner) didn't turn out to be a very aggressive breeder. He bred some ewes, but I think other rams got a few of his girls. When the time comes, I will be able to tell if these are his lambs, by the presence of the Q gene. Abby is RR, as were all the Katahdin rams, but Spooner is (unfortunately) QQ.

These lambs are lounging on some rocks, near the only tree in their pasture.  They are from the group of triplet and quad lambs and dams. I keep the triplet and quad moms separate and give them an extra feeding of grain (3x/day).

Hopefully, we will get some rain this coming week. According to the weathermen, we are abnormally dry for this time of the year.  Other parts of Maryland are already classified as having drought conditions.

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