Saturday, April 04, 2009

Unique little faces

I'm sure the average person thinks all sheep and lambs look alike. These pictures prove differently. This first picture is the smallest lamb from the second set of quads. He doesn't look anything like his siblings: hair coat or otherwise. He's a full-time bottle baby. One hundred percent Katahdin.

Orphan quadI call this lamb "L'tl Red." She's a triplet. 82 percent Katahdin x 18 percent White Dorper. At first her dam (550) didn't want to let her nurse. I used a head stanchion to change her mind. Now, they're a "happy" family.

L'tl Red
This sweet little face is of a ewe lamb from a set of triplets. She is 91 percent Katahdn x 9 percent White Dorper. Her mom is raising her second litter.

Sweet face There are still several more ewes to lamb, including the yearlings. My dad's ewe lambed today.


Christy in OH said...

I love your pictures, they are truly beautiful.

Bethany said...

Wonderful little lambs. The pics are adorable. It was fun to find another blog of Katahdins

ShepherdToBe said...

They are all too cute!

Ed Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Susan! Marti and I met you at Sheep and Wool on Sunday. Will be in touch very soon. These lamb photos are just simply unfair! :)