Monday, November 19, 2007

Vote for me

It's that time again. The presidential campaign season. Actually, it always seems as if someone's running for office. If a candidate wants my vote, here's what they need to espouse: my 2007 platform.

  • Gradually increase mandatory fuel economy standards.
  • Tax credits for more fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Luxury tax on gas-guzzling personal vehicles (use taxes to fund energy research).
  • Stop subsidizing ethanol production; it's not the answer. Besides, it makes it more expensive to feed my sheep. :)
  • More four day work weeks, tele-commuting, and flex time to reduce commuting and the energy it uses.
  • More natural landscapes -- less grass cutting, more grazing.
  • Drill responsibly in Alaska.
  • No home schooling after the 8th grade.
  • Physical education five days a week, K-12.
  • Not all children should go to college. Emphasize vocational education more.
  • Sex education to include include abstinence AND birth control.
  • Free college education for students who perform public service (2 year commitment) in at risk areas.
  • Restore mission of land grant universities.
  • School uniforms.
Foreign Affairs
  • Reduce troop strength, but maintain commitment to Iraq.
  • Stay tough with Iran, North Korea, and other rogue nations.
  • Sleeper agents and more human intelligence.
  • Work for change in Saudi Arabia.
  • Make the establishment of a Palestinian state a priority in foreign policy.

Social programs

  • Drug testing for welfare recipients. Rehab for those who test positive.
  • Incentives for social workers who get people off welfare.
  • Free day care instead of welfare.
  • Mandatory job training and placement for welfare recipients.
  • No social programs for illegal aliens except for emergency health care.
  • Tie welfare payments to behavior: more money if kids stay in school, more money if the kids don't get pregnant.
  • Peace Corps volunteers in inner cities and other depressed areas.

Health care

  • No universal health care.
  • More health care professionals.
  • Incentives for preventative health care practices.
  • Tort reform.
  • Insurance reform, e.g. no restrictions on pre-existing conditions.
  • Insurance buying pools for the self-employed.


  • No same sex marriage, but no amendment.
  • Legal abortion, but no 2nd or 3rd trimester abortions, partial birth abortions, and notification of parents and spouse required.
  • Less restrictions on stem cell research and cloning.
  • Tort reform.
  • Supreme court justices that uphold the constitution, not legislate from the bench.


  • No amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • Expand guest worker program.
  • Penalties for businesses that hire illegal aliens.
  • A wall may be an important short-term solution.


  • Gradually phase-out farm subsidies, 10 years.
  • Use green payments to encourage conservation practices.
  • Manage public lands with prescribed grazing.
  • More public funding of agriculture research and education.
  • Eliminate plans for National Animal Identification System. Let the market, i.e. private industry, take care of it.


  • Balanced budget amendment. in 10 years.
  • Line item veto.
  • Reduce grants as a method of funding.
  • No taxes when you buy from the Internet.

Political reform

  • Term limits.
  • Public financing of campaigns (albiet short ones) -- free air time.
  • No pensions for elected officials, just contributions to 401 K programs for the time they are in office and away from their primary careers.


  • Make English the official language of the U.S.
  • Keep God in the Pledge of Allegience.
  • Don't restrict display of the ten commandments (freedom of speech).

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