Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

To the school in Texas that is teaching its students to fight back if a gunman enters their school. All this passiveness is killing innocent Americans. You can't reason with these madmen. Doing what they say or being passive just makes it easier to get killed.

To Pennsylvania's Amish community for their forgiveness of the insane gunman who brutally murdered their children, then turned the gun on himself. And to the media for allowing the Amish community to bury their dead with dignity. So many claim to be good Christians and Muslims, but are filled with vengeance and hate. They could learn a lot from the Amish community. If only I could figure out why the Amish can't have zippers on their clothes.

To Linda Faillace for telling her story of USDA's heavy-handed seizure of her sheep in 2001. Her book is called "Mad Sheep: the True Story of the USDA's War on a Family Farm." It'll probably make us all mad.

To the Detroit Tigers who are headed to the World Series for the first time since 1984. Maybe, there's hope for the Orioles.

Thumbs down

To the schools that are banning tag and football from the playground because they're worried about law suits. First, dodgeball. What's next? Kickball and jungle gyms. Let kids play!

To the networks for firing sports commentators for making inappropriate statements during broadcasts. America needs to stop being so damn sensitive. We all say the wrong things sometimes. If they apologize, why shouldn't they be given another chance. What happened to forgiveness?

To the D.A., Duke University, the media and everyone else who "convicted" the Duke lacrosse team before facts were known. Even if the young men are vindicated, their lives have been forever changed in a negative way.

To the media and others for criticizing Madonna's adoption of an African baby. Some commentator called white people adopting children from Africa "modern slavery." He should be fired! The father and aunt of the child have approved the adoption. Why should this boy have to grow up in an orphanage when there's a couple who want to adopt him?

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