Saturday, October 28, 2006

So long, Barney

Barney came when the hoop house was built, about four years ago. She never left. She took up residence there. I fed her daily. I think that's why she never attacked the rat population with any vigor. She had quite a nice life in the hoop house, never venturing too far. She and Max got along okay. She didn't care for Zak, but they seldom came into contact with each other. Same with McComb. I don't think Sly ever slowed down enough to meet her.

She never completely trusted me. I had to sneak up on her to catch her. Occasionally, I would comb her out. When I stroked her, she would purr, but would never totally relax. I think, perhaps, she was mistreated by humans in her earlier life. She was so skiddish that I didn't even know she was a girl until a year or so after she came. Since she never gave birth to kittens, I had assumed she was a neutered male. That's why I had named "her" Barney, the "barn cat."

When I went to feed the lambs this evening, she was lying in the hay. She looked like she was sleeping. Usually, she curled up when she slept, so I went over to her a little concerned. She wasn't moving. She was dead. Probably, not long. She looked peaceful, not a mark on her body. I will take care of her body in the morning. She will spend one more peaceful night in the hoop house, among her sheep friends.

This morning, she had meowed for her food like always. I'd give her a handful of cat biscuits in the morning and evening. Sometimes, I brought her milk or canned cat food. I caught her this morning and petted her for a few moments. I'm glad I did. She was really starting to look good, like a house cat. Her fur was smooth and pretty, and she was filling out. She was never a big cat. I didn't know how old she was. At least five, she could have been older. I suspect she was spayed.

I hope she died peacefully in her sleep. She wasn't a pet like the others, but I'm going to miss her. She was a fixture in the hoop house, and it won't be the same without her. She touched my heart. I'm gonna hold Max a little tighter tonight.

???? - October 28, 2006
Say hi to Jesse and Rex in cat heaven
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